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Ball Cap - $24.00

Adjustable, emblematic ball cap by Eagle Crest. The same as the Military wears
and Made in the USA!


Shoulder Chevron - $7.50

5" shoulder chevron - Great for your display case

Ships Patch - $12.50

4" patch made by Eagle Crest from a picture of our original ships patch

Ships Plaque Unpainted - $25.00

Made by yours truly. The mold was made from a 6" plaque I found
on the Fly'n "A" back in the shipfitters shop where I worked.
Craftsy? Paint your own!

Ships Plaque painted - $40.00


1" Lapel/Hat Pin - $12.00 Each, 2 for $22.00, 3 for $30.00
High quality pin from Eagle Crest


***Shirt color Available (Your Choice) See Order Form
***Jacket color Available In Navy or Black Only***

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Just print the order form and mail it in with check or money order


***Check on form your color choice***