Larry Mahoney

Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Dan Mahoney, and I did not serve on the Atakapa. But my father, Larry Mahoney, did! My dad had a series of small strokes a few years ago, and is now in a nursing home in Rochester, MN. He is unable to communicate much, which is why I am contacting you. Dad was in the Navy from January 1951 till January 1955. I'm not sure of the exact time that he was on the Atakapa, but I do know that was the only ship he served on. Maybe someone else would remember, as my dad will not be able to provide any further information. I did recognize the name Don Hanson of Taopi, MN on the list. He always spoke fondly of his days "On Board Ship", and I'm very happy to add his name to the crew list.

Best Regards

Dan Mahoney