SEA STORIES from Atakapa Crew members

Atakapa Christmas Program 1958

Atakapa Welcome Aboard Program 1959

Program from Decommissioning and Transfer
To The Military Sealift Command

Plan Of The Day

1968 Atakapa Basketball Team

Atakapa Thanksgiving Program 1971

1968 Newsletter

Family Newsletter 1968
Picture of an Atakapa Lighter from Lloyd Haney

Pictures of some Atakapa Patches & Brass Plaque

1969 Blue Nose Induction

Richard Ketchum Pictures

1944 & 1945 Atakapa Pictures

Larry Mahoney

BODO - By Jim Walters


Med Cruise 1964

Mickey Schaffner Pictures

Ernie (Chico) Pesicka Pictures

Med Cruise 1967

Frank Breazeale's Pictures

Ron Broadhurst's Pictures

Welcome Aboard Information Booklet for 1967 Med Cruise

Family Booklet before 1967 Med Cruise



Ashtray & Coffee Mug

Atakapa Ship's Bell

Sinking of the Atakapa

Pearl Harbor Pictures

Christmas 1966

Jim Walters RM2 - Pictures

Lieutenant Curtiss / Cullipher Change of Command

Don Golsazewski (Ski) SN 1959-61

Don Graham & Howard Brantly Pictures

Tony Klepac YN3 1971-72

Ernie Pesicka (Chico) Christmas greetings & POD 1964

Sacred Order Of The Golden Dragon

Bruce Gillette Pictures 1972

Robert Guttman 1979-80 tells about USNS Atakapa with Pictures

Carl Aubrey Johnston SN 1956

Atakapa Video by; Floyd Schilstra RD3 1969-71

Ed Edmonson CT3 1968

Guantanamo Bay 1960
Crew Picture

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