Frank McCullough

Lloyd Haney

Atakapa Jack - AKA John Wilson
found these on ebay

Michael McGrath


Ron Buice

Atakapa Jack found this on ebay and sent out an email

to see if any Atakapa crew members wanted to bid.

I put in a bid and got the plaque

Thanks Jack!

Brass/Bronze Plaque

Another Brass/ Bronze plaque story

Frank Brown GMG3 1968-69 ask his father, who worked in a foundry in NJ, to make him a ships plaque.

His father had bronze material leftover from making post office boxes and made Frank 10 bronze plaques.

Frank gave 9 plaques to the ships Captain and kept one for himself. Frank said the Captain was very happy

and also gave some out to other Captains.

If you ever see one made of bronze it will one Franks dad made.