Jim Walters sent in these pictures
USS Atakapa 1965-68

Jim Walters RM2

Robert L. Allender on "Life Buoy Watch"

Atakapa Bridge

CT ? - Girl ?

Harry Dahlstrom - lead Radioman

D B Keller - Operations Officer

ET's Tom M. Lavender ETR3 and Jack W. Brundage ETR2

guitar picker ? & Miguel ? Wardroom Steward

More Great Pictures

ECM Gear - CT's used this when out on a "spy mission"

Luther Johnson RD2 - he witness my attempt at welding
myself to an equipment rack :)

Robert J. Waslyk RM2

Bill Dollman RM3 - Lead RM

Atakapa Sunset

Renato Balestra EN3

Brambleton - Dry Dock

Cook Out

1968 Crew

Bodo Norway

Holyloch Scotland