1970's CREW LIST

(Updated 11-23-11)

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CREW Members
CREW Members
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USS Atakapa Crew List
Akins, Johnny Ops Officer 1969-70 johnny@ghwilliams.com No
Booker, Larry RM3 1973-75 larbooker@yahoo.com Yes
Boulais, Peter XO LT. 1969-70 pboulais@teampdc.com No
Bowman, Wayne (Bo) RM2 1970-73 bb0214@charter.net Yes
Brodhead, Jim RM2 1969-70 jim.brodhead@verizon.net Yes
Buice, Ron HT3 DV 1971-72 rpbuice@bellsouth.net Yes
Burkheimer, Thomas CS3 1972-74 tomme34@gmail.com Yes
Clark, Wiliam (Bill) EN2 1972-74 rozbill732001@yahoo.com Yes
Cobb, Frederic B. ET3 1978-80 wanderer3375@yahoo.com Yes
Counce, Bill QM3 1969-70 wcounce@centurytel.net Yes
Courtney, John W. YN1 1968-70 courtney-john@comcast.net Yes
Fogerty, Thomas (Tom) LTJG - XO 1972-73 apptrail04@gmail.com No
Gillette, Bruce IC3 1971-74 riverflow@iname.com Yes
Gooch, Larry SF2 1970-71 sales@town-n-countrymotors.com Yes
Guttman, Robert Second Mate 1979-80 klaatu83@lycos.com Yes
Hagenhoff, Steve EN2 DV 1973-74 sjh1950@aol.com Yes
Harper, Bob EM3 1969-72 bharper@assuredsource.com No
Henry, Phillip C. E5 1969-75 pchenry@tva.gov Yes
Higdon, Tom EN3 1970-71 higdontom@bellsouth.net Yes
Hohf, Alan RM1 1979-81 navyrm75@oh.rr.com Yes
Hungerford, Dan Unknown 1973-74 Millwright152@aol.com Yes
Imel, Don ? 1972-74 jimel@mchsi.com no
Ives, Raymond PO2 1972-73 rayevie@gmail.com Yes
Jeffries, Chuck YNSN 1971-73 Hose5199@yahoo.com Yes
Jennings, Dwight ENFN 1971-73 rusty7192@hotmail.com Yes
Jones, Dean SK3 1971-73 captdeanofthesea@yahoo.com Yes
Keller, Randolph LT. XO - Diving/Salvage Officer 1969-72 randykeller@msn.com Yes
Kelly, Lawrence Unknown 1972-73 skipwho@aol.com Yes
Ketchum, Richard Gary ETN2 1968-71 rgk@usinternet.com Yes
Klepac, Tony YN3 1971-72 tklepac@tampabay.rr.com Yes
Lavender, Thomas M. ETR3 1970-72 thepurps2@verizon.net Yes
Lochala, Ronnie EM2 1970-73 arseabee2002@yahoo.com Yes
Lopez, Gary RM2 1974-75 glopez5355@hotmail.com Yes
McGrath, Michael LCDR 1972-74 jmmusn@bellsouth.net Yes
Mearn, Jim ETR3 1971-74 mariet6@aol.com Yes
Merlino, Salvatore J. QM3 1970-72 No Yes
Micks, Ernest SKC 1970-71 svbernie@cox.net Yes
Mizzles, Michael R. SKSN 1971 michael.mizzles@us.army.mil Yes
Nester, Tom (Lukey Joe) ETN2 1971-75 tomnester@comcast.net Yes
Nielsen, Richard EN3 1973-74 radco1890@yahoo.com Yes
Nicholas, John C. IC3 1973-74 sonagolese@hotmail.com Yes
O'Brien, James RM2 1969-70 jimob@tujays.com Yes
Pullins, Cecil R. CS3 1971 No Email Yes
Reddick, Joe HT3 1969-73 joereddick@eastlink.ca No
Roberts, Don EN3 1973-74 djr5341@comcast.net Yes
Rogers, James (Jimmy) E3 1969-70 becandjim@yahoo.com Yes
Schilstra, Floyd RD3 1969-71 FloydS6618@aol.com Yes
Sears, Fred D. CO LT. 1970-72 No Email Yes
Son, John P. RANK 1970-72 pson@industrialcontractors.com Yes
Stasko, Michael H. HT3 DV 1971-74 No Email Yes
Sweet, Haden (Windy) RANK 1971-74 wsweet013@msn.com Yes
Veatch, Fred EM3 1969-71 weafamily@comcast.net Yes
Walker, Frank H. HM2 1970-71 FHWforChrist@aol.com Yes
Weeks, Jerry E3 1971-73 weeksjerryw@aol.com Yes
White, Russell (Rusty) LTJG 1971-74 No Email Yes
Williams, Glenn (Will) EN3 1971-74 boatater@comcast.net no
Williams, Tom CWO 1968-71 May 1 to Nov 1 tomw6256@tds.net
Nov 1 to May 1 tomw301@knology.net
Woodie, Virgil CS1 1967-71 woodievirg1@aol.com Yes
Wright, Leonard (Wheels) QM3 1970-74 qmclst118137@yahoo.com Yes

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